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Ramblings of a Sleep-Deprived Caffeine Addict
I have no idea why you bother reading but don't stop X)

Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 3:17 AM

Well, not exactly a limbo. But getting stuck in the LCCT for 6 hrs (with 2 more hrs to go) is no child's play. Armed with 3 sachets of coffee, thomas harris' 'the silence of the lambs', and my faithful ipod, I'll probably survive.

Real happy that I have finished everything that I have planned to do. Except for knitting that is. Not going to underestimate the length of a scarf anymore. Sighs, evil Air Asia staff, not allowing me to keep my knitting needles in my carry-on.

Wonder how the next 2 weeks will be. Will try to continue posting about my trip. :)

Peace out,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 @ 2:25 PM

(shud be posted a LONG time ago)

I wonder how to start re-writing in this blog.

To be frank with any of you still bothered to read this, I have so much thoughts that have tempted me to continue updating this long-taken-for-granted page (that I don't even have the guts to call a blog).

But, here I am again. Wondering whether this will be another update until the next hiatus.

Updates, updates. I took a chance and flew back from Canada, solemnly swearing that I will just relax in the next four months, enjoying the peace and good food offered in Msia before I head back for a long, long war. This return trip wasn't planned. But, it happened. And before I knew it, it lasted for 7 months and will end in Dec.

Some 'insider' story about my sedimentary life. I should have gotten a job in Canada. But after three failed interviews along with mentally-draining finals, I was utterly dejected by the whole whirlwind of being enrolled in a co-op program. In fact, I was weighing the pros (2 yrs of working experience before I graduate and possibility of a job before then) and the cons (stress, disgustingly higher tuition fees, stress, outrageous insurance fees, stress, not having any summer holidays in my 5 years of education, stress, not having enough time to study for actuarial and financial analysis papers, stress etc.). At the point of requesting for a drop-out from the co-op to the regular program, I decided to give myself time to think.

So voila, back in Msia, all sweaty and filled with eczema due to the drastic climatic change, I ended up applying for internships and mind-bogglingly find myself attending interviews when I should have been happily sipping coconut juice whilst reading a superb novel by the beach. Scratch the coconut and beach. (I can't even think of a clean beach in Selangor, Flashback of the Bukit Perak rat urine virus. *shudders*) But you get the idea.

At an even astonishing note, I find myself working at Bausch+Lomb Share Services Center for 7 months already and would be ending my internship at the end of Nov. Aside from working from 9-6, I realized that I did not achieve much. Other than keeping up with my schedule of studying the FM and Exam P manuals, taking an online course, and slavering at the gym for almost every weekday, I still have not started with my work term report, learning my piano pieces, relearn the guitar and refresh my Japanese language studies. Oh boy...I get jittery by just the thought of it.

Still, I'm going to be optimistic about it, BELIEVING that I can accomplish all that before I return to Canada, not forgetting that I'll be away at Perth for two whole weeks. Yeap, shouldn't be a problem. I can probably squeeze in an hour of sleep every other week or so, pray harder to God so that I can have an extra day each week and somehow write my report, eat and drive to work (which by the way, is what I do sometimes. kids should not learnt this). Sigh, I foresee a tough November. But to be really optimistic, I would probably lose a few kilos killing myself with stress, and would then fit my MOM'S chosen gown for my brother's wedding in december. (she bought it when I was sitting for SPM)

One of the ironies of life is, when you think that you have nothing to do, a thousand things will pop up to grab your attention. Prioritizing is a great idea, when you can afford to casually move aside the last item in your to-do list so that you can spend 99% of your time working on the first item in that list 'and therefore, the most important thing to accomplish in my life right now'. As a greedy little tyke like me who would like to have the cake and eat it, preferably with nuts and no vanilla or cream pls, both the top items and the bottom items are equally important. While handling the accounts for Singapore, I often 'push' the people over there to revert back to me ASAP. So if I send an email asking for advice today and they don't reply me immediately, I'll send another email before I go back, another email when I reach work the next day, and this continues until I get so frustrated and call them up, or when they grudgingly give in to my demands. Sometimes I'll would, would the receipient feel like I'm one of those brats who needs INSTANT GRATIFICATION? Well, they are darn right about that. I suddenly feel sorry for Jonathan. Oh well, he got himself into this mess.

And then, I will move on to the mooshie section of this post. You know, the part where readers will blush and feel like they probably entered some private conversation, but would still thicken their skins, curious to read more.

Dear, 2 more months! To quote Haddock, Blistering Barnacles! How long has it been? The erratic, volatile skype calls (i suspect skype is a girl who reincarnated as a virtual software) that made me feel so annoyed. We were practically stuck to each other for two years aside from occasional one-month breaks when you return to Miri. You must think that I'm out of my mind, to ask that we only chat during weekends. I have my explanations. And I have written them in some letters that I have not decided whether I want to send them out yet. Thank you so much for the gifts. Opening the bag and finding each of the hidden gifts was....pure excitement and joy. More than the gifts itself, the thought of you taking the effort to get them, hide them, wrap them and send them. It's a nice feeling when you care to care so much. Thanks dear, for the surprise package, for the roses, for the meals, for the laughter, and for the company. Well, of course, since you have raised the standards, I suppose that it isn't too much for me if I expect more in the future. *winks*

As I'm studying about difficult people in PD7 Conflict Studies, it came to my realization that I am a difficult person too. I apologize for my unexpected outbursts, mood swings, unexplainable annoyance at you, and the habit of lashing all my stress on you. It must have been tough for you during my 'bad' days. Of course, I'm not going to tell you that I'll stop being all of the above, but you can have my word that I will TRY to become less of the volatile person I was before. Who knew workplace courses could be of use to relationships.

I wanted to start with my last assignment in PD7, but it's dauntingly troublesome. Difficult and long are not the right words. Troublesome is the most politically right one. Imagine, I'd rather tackle probability questions than doing that annoying assignment.

Will I be updating tomorrow?

I wonder.

Of law and canine
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 10:21 PM

Dear people who are probably procrastinating their assignments/studies/work,

Have you guys heard of something called the Dog Owners' Liability Act?
So apparently, this act follows 'strict liability', meaning that any plaintiff who can proof that the defendant owns the dog will be compensated in a torts case.
The gist of it is, if I walk on the street and Fugly the Rottweiler decided to take a bite of my juicy, yummy meat (for illustration purposes only), I can sue Fugly's owner, Silly and win in the court case.

So why am I telling you this?
Because when my Business Law lecturer was lecturing on this topic, he said in a fashion which was SO HILARIOUSLY FUNNY that I was jolted back to reality while being dangerously close to dozing off. Joe, my lecturer, has this apparent distaste with canines. Here are some of the quotes in that class:

Joe: Anyone here owns a dog?
*People raise hands*
Joe: HAR! SUCKS TO BE YOU! (hahahahaha)

Girl: So what happens if another dog attacks my dog?
Joe: Well ok, you can probably sue the owner for the expense needed to "REPAIR THE DOG" (omg at this stage the whole class was bursting in laughter already), then for the mental trauma which you suffered from witnessing your dog being eaten by the other....

I can't really remember exactly what else he said but honestly, it was an interesting class. Tort law is fun. So apparently, we have to protect not only visitors on our property, but also trespassers! We can't intentionally dig a big black hole and conceal it with some artificial grass and such, or place bogey-traps for our 'uninvited guests'.

Thus, I'll end this random post.
And beware to all dog owners! *srs cat face. MIAOOO~*


ps: don't ask why were taught about law dealing with dogs when it is supposedly a business law course :/

2010 so far
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 @ 1:34 AM

Hello there,

2010 SO FAR has been treating me considerably well, I guess. (*skeptical) But anyways, I'm taking Business II, Business Law, Linear Algebra, Computer Science for Scheme and Python, and Actuarial Science. The university enrolling system auto-enrolled me for the professional development course because (hopefully), I'll start my first work term in May. (people, pray that I get a job.pretty pretty please~~)

So, this is what I've learnt so far. Oh, before I get there, I better PROCLAIM my TERM RESOLUTION for Winter 2010, so that the whole world knows, and I have less chance to pretend to be amnesiac and conveniently forget about these goals.
1) Lead a healthier life this term. This includes sleeping habits, diet, and exercise (sobs).
2) Save more money.
3) Be more focused in my studies, and really give my all.
4) Find a church and have more faith in God.
5) *this is added by jonathan jong* Love Jj MORE!! (people can be so greedy sometimes, lol)

I am really trying to achieve SOME of these goals. For one, I have already checked out the university's gym and pool, so the next step would be, VISITING THE PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES CENTER! (SEMANGAT><) Also, I have been getting to bed before 12am everyday, though this is still far from the 10pm I am aiming for. Next, the money part is really easy as long as I do not eat out, for I have nothing else to spend on, I think (hmm..). In terms of the 3rd goal, I have really made the effort of finishing all the pre-class readings, and reading through the texts before going to class, and reviewing the lecture's notes and making my own after class. Hopefully I would still be able to do all these when all the assignments start to pile up. I will start searching for a good church this week whereas the last goal, no 5, is not for me to judge. :/

Till date, I have learnt the following:
1) Business II:
- basic accounting, pretty easy, but we'll cover marketing too soon enough. Oh, and the marketing project is exactly the same as what I've done in INTI. We're supposed to launch a new product and draft a marketing plan for the product. WOOHOO!
2) Business Law:
- super awesome stuffs. Tis' true that the facts about procedures, law terms and the sort could be a bore at most times, but, and this is a big BUT, the lecturer (who is a full-time lawyer and a part-time lecturer) is really terrific! He knows the goods and makes the 2hr class so much interesting, especially by sharing his own experience with clients and narrating true cases. Thumbs up for this course X)
3) Computer Science:
After taking CS135 last term, I should be going on to CS136 like Jonathan, BUT, i totally abhor this course so I took the easier option (yea i chickened out, SO? SUE ME. BLEK!) and chose to take CS116 this term. It's obvious that the 1 in 116 is lower than the 3 in 136, so basically 115 & 116 are for 'normal' people like me whereas 135 & 136 are for 'crazy ass' people
like jonathan jong. HOHOHO~ But honestly, after taking cs135, the start of CS116 is a breeze since the everything that is taught has already been covered in cs135, so, I should be happy? That remains a question unsolved. :/
4) Linear Algebra:
The lecturer is surreal, as in totally bonkers and nuts! He is so HYPED every second of the class! He does this little bounce whenever he's stressing on a point, and for every monday and wed class, he'll start with a 'joke of the day~'. The last 2 were:
"There are 10 types of mathematicians. One who knows binary. And one who doesn't." harhar
"There are 3 types of mathematicians. One who knows how to count. And one who doesn't." :/
On Fridays though, he will start with a parody and the last one involves cereal and serial-killers. Go figure. Still, he really lightens up the class with his hatred towards literature and PASSION towards math. The course, according to him, is really tough for it involves a lot of proofing, (which by the way, is no easy task) and a lot of thinking. He encourages us to just sit down and think all day. HMMM~ But till now, he has been covering topics which I have already learnt, either in SPM or Calculus 3. So I can only say, wait and see, wait and see...
Oh, he taught us how to imagine in 4 dimensions. So apparently, you use the analogy of drawing a 3D cuboid on the blackboard. In reality, it's a 2D graph, but your brain automatically registers it as a 3D object. Likewise, do this with a 4D cuboid connected with 16 more points and you'll get your 4D object. ...Can't imagine it?? SERIOUSLY? Try harder. NO?
HA! I was just pulling your leg. Apparently, although what I've said earlier wasn't bull talk, but our brains CANNOT imagine anything beyond the 3rd dimension. The prof CLAIMS that he had made an actual model of a 4D object when he was young, and sat there looking at the model the whole day. And for just 1 sec, HE SAW IT, BUT his brain immediately rejects that thought. X)
5) Actuarial Science:
3 words. Formulas. Formulas. Formulas. Formulas. Wait, did I say 3? lol Basically we're calculating interest, their functions and such. Nothing interesting. YET.

Finished! I'll let you in a secret here. I took 4 days to finish this post. Sighs. Talk about procrastinating.
Life has been good. I managed to read some books. Watch some good movies (eg: The Blind Side, An Education, It's Complicated). Starting to get some exercise, since the weather's getting warmer (it's still below 0 though). Oh there's a dinner with the malaysians this weekend at an apparently awesome chinese restaurant. Should I go? Hmm...

Think I'll stop here.
Loving all of you guys. Family. Friends. Jaja.
By the way, if you're wondering why I'm suddenly so formal and rigid with my wordings, grammar, spelling etc., blame my mom. I was admonished for becoming 'liberal' in my writing.

peace out.
say hi to my 'chou tofu'

Pictures Promised and WAYYYY Due
Thursday, January 7, 2010 @ 10:16 PM

Dear all,

This is bad naughty me blogging in class.
Well not actually, we're having a 5 min 'coffee-break' (i miss nescafe regular by the way, big hints to those back in msia~)
CS116 is really not that challenging after taking C135. I feel like I'm back-tracking haha, with Jon going to CS136 and me going back. Oh well, I suk. Makes me really terrible because it kinda reinforces the fact that girls are computer-noobs. BUT, it just shows how nerdy guys are. MUAHAHAHA~

Here're the photos that I'd promised. I'm doing this backwards in term of the time-line.
Our first and maybe ONLY eating-out lunchie for this month. One of my 'new term resolutions' is to SAVE MORE $$!!
We went to the post office in between our lessons and realized that we have no time to go back home for lunch so we decided to dine out. They people damn cute, saw that we were sharing so they prepared the dishes specially lol.
potato and chicken..i think..?
see the heart-shaped bread? haha surprised us..

poutine. a canadian fave. french fried with beef and chilli.
this place's version got white gooey stuff. eww~

At Grace's place. I learnt how to solve the Rubik's cube!

After 5 hrs of karaoke-ing for the awesome price of $5 with a free bubble tea for each person, Grace and her housemates brought us to all-you-can-eat hotpot!! We had curry and 'qing tang' X).
hohoho...eating hotpot in the winter..especially curry flavoured is da best!!!the round balls are called tao pok i think, don't quote me on that :/
Grace saw me playing wif Mr. PrawnGrace brought Mrs Prawn to play along X)
good kids don't play with their food! >.<
We went skating the whole day for 7$
If only we had our own skates cuz admission was FREE!
Loads of people! Saw this kid who skates soo well~ He wore those army pants and was trying to luk macho...lol...
MEEE~ GOSH the shadow of the tree luks so ominous
crap, i just though of Final Destination..creepeee~
Went to Chinatown to look around. Took the streetcar there from the subway. FIRST TIME ON THE STREETCAR. woohoo~ On a serious note, I don't think I would dare to step out of my house without Jon. All those but stops, bus numbers, trains, streetcars and time schedules to remember! ARGH~ So, thank you la dear for bringing me out and researching on all the frustrating timetables. :)

We went to a Chinese grocery market where I found Old Town Kopitiam Teh Tarik!!
We also went to this Chinese Dim Sum place which had great reviews online for being cheap and yumylicious. The funny thing is, you have to pay the exact amount in dollars and cents if you don't want to be ripped off here. They don't return you any change at all! Since we didn't have much of an appetite, we kinda da bao a lot of the food for dinner. Like usual. Haha, we kinda do that everday during this trip.
TARO!!! FINALLY. mom, the taros here are HUMONGOUS! People, let me introduce you to Mr. Large FAKE Milo, Jr. Small FAKE Milo, and Ms. Large REAL Milo. One happy family.
Egg Tart. That bite was made by the excited 'tan chi gui' Jon.
Lo Mai Gai & Char Siew Pau
For those with a discerning eye, yes, the lo mai gai is gone already and there's one missing pau.
Har Gao
You can see these type of plastic tablecloths in ALL chinese restaurants
To clean up a table, the waiters just wrap the whole plastic with all the dishware and dump the whole lot into some secret box where everything gets magically cleaned.
Fine, the last part was all crap, but wth.
Siu Mai
Lor Pak Goh (haha my han yu ping ying)
I realized that radish is another veg Jon eats! Hurray! *yes, i'm being condescending*
Meat and Taro
According to Jon, it was really good even though he ate this after it was refrigerated for 2 days.
Almond Dessert! Too sweet for me >.<
Grace took us out for Vietnam one night. It was yum X).
Haha typical Vietnam rolls. Me likey.
Grace's random shot
My taro shake and Jon's....
According to Grace, this shake is like the fave for all msian students in mississauga
it definitely smelt like durians~
Grace's Pad Thai.
Jon's beef thingy. Forgot what it was called. :/
My green curry! yummmm~
Another dim sum entry. Haha I really missed it and when I searched for good food in Mississauga, I was amazed to see so many good dim sum available. The food in this restaurant was really cheap and not bad in terms of taste. The service was appalling though, with the waiters' stuck up attitudes.
mah sesame balls!! i have no idea y i insist on ordering this when i don't really like the sweet fillings. maybe it's the fact that dim sum doesn't feel like dim sum without sesame balls. You get me? Hmm..perhaps not..oh well~
Yam thingy. Me not a fan. Was so oily and I could hardy taste the taro.
Jon's fave. Can't understand. Weird smell and taste.
It's different from msia's for being white :/ Tasted different also, according to Jon.

Siew Mai and Fried Har Gow
Cute snowman X)
Went to an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant on Christmas! Yes, searched it online too and it had good reviews. There was a surcharge if we wasted any food and we weren't allowed to da pao (shucks) but clever ole me managed to stuff the food into tissues (yueck i know, but it's good food and MY PRECIOUS MOOLAH!)
this was wat it looked like at 9am. After half an hour, it was FULL.
i know i luk dumb but we managed to reach safely although we had no idea where we were!
awesome wasabi.
i bow in respect.

ordered one for both of us but both went to jon's tummy
i was bursting!!
some meat skewers i ordered for jon
as usual, meat went in and veg was left on the plate.
more meat for jon
these went into the tissues too
more sushi
more meat for jon
as if it wasn't enough already
oh these were AWESOME
heavenly, even for someone who detests bananas
TEMPURAAA~ some table opposite us ordered more than 10 O.o
ice creammmm
salads and cakes
me: green tea and ginger
jon: mango all the way~
Further research online brought me to Guru Lukshmi. INDIAN FOOD. We went there during Christmas for dinner. We stepped into the crammed restaurant and VOILA, we saw black and pairs of white eyes O.O staring at us! It was packed with Indians and we looked like yellow chicken in a coop of black turkeys. HAHA~ The waiters were all so friendly and nice to us foreign chickens though.
huge ass samosas with ewwey green goo
mango latte
jon's dosa.
jj: pls recommend me something on the menu
waiter: hmm..wat's the degree of spiciness can you withstand?
jj: ......
yx: 0. nada. anything non-spicy?
waiter: ....
waiter: *luks very disturbed*
waiter: .... let me see. we shud have something for u
and we ended up with this! ROFL i changed some parts of the conversation but the real thing was more hilarious
mine! it was biggg! wanna know how big?
Went to Eaton Center, something like what Mid Valley is to us KL people. Ate at this restaurant (with good reviews too but was something I wud label as the fine-dining, but since it was Jon's treat..muahahaha..) This building below was next to the shopping center which really contrasted a lot in its architecture with the modern shopping center. We were extremely curious what it was. Hmm, maybe we should check it out during the next visit.

Mango with some vodka. Forgot the exact term. I had choc!
Jon's Buffalo Wings and my broccoli + potatoes

jon's mushroom burger dessert. DIDNT EXPECTED IT TO BE SOOO BIG! wasn't too bad.
jon's brownie was nicer imo. *don's get big in your head dear winks*

This was another day. Don't remember when. Bought these for lunch and dinner.

Random pictures which I wanted to blog about but forgot.studying hard
computer lab
mass advertising for apple haha
my fried rice X)
jon's pancakes
*u very long didn't make for me liao grrr~*
jon's drawing of sets and subsets for a particular statistics question
luks like how a pacman wud be after eating bone ROFL

study week required foodies
bought this for only $3 and luk at the size!
i think jon didn't manage to finish eating it until he it went bad, but he finished 90% of it!
my bike
free ice cream from the creamery opposite outside out apartments
doggie mittens want a lick too!
mommy, your reciped of fish, mushrooms and cheese
sad bikes
excited to go out on a date!
white waterloo is even whiter now
this was 2 months back
he was trying to look preppy and i was trying to look..i dunno lol
jon jon's hair back then
jon jon's hair right now

PHEW. FINISHED! Gotta go back and study! Thanks for reading~

love + muacks


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